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Certifications: 8(a), MBE, DBE Certified Minority-Owned Business

Financial Services

Valuation Analyses for Financial Services

We help financial institutions such as banks and other lending entities reduce their risk and maximize returns on the assets they lease to businesses. Our more than 25 years of valuation expertise means that your financial institution can rest easy knowing that we will help you make the right leasing decisions at the right time, always with the goal of increasing your return and mitigating your risk.

Sonoran Equipment Appraisal’s experience provides our clients accurate industry knowledge so that they can make the best decision before taking on the risk of leasing equipment.

Our team of certified valuation experts will…

  • Work side by side with you.
  • Ensure that at every stage of the equipment lease term you will know if the value of your leased assets are in line with the current book exposure.
  • Provide current value estimates for your entire portfolio.

Whether you are conducting FASB reviews or preparing for end of term negotiations, it makes sense to know the current asset values. Let us help you!

We are a member of the Minority Business Development Agency and are a DBE, MBE certified minority-owned business. We’re also certified by the NMSDC.

Expert Knowledge of Current Market Conditions

When it comes to your equipment leasing transactions we’ll mitigate the risk extensively. We’ve developed trusted connections with a large network of advisors, businesses and dealers within the equipment management sector.

Independent Valuation Expertise

We provide authoritative knowledge of current market conditions in order to maximize the value of assets returned to you at the end of your clients equipment lease contract.

Mitigate Portfolio Risk

We can help lessen the downside and conduct a yearly or semi-annual FASB Review of your portfolio.

Remarketing of Returned Assets

Maximize the resale value of your returned equipment once a customer’s lease is over. We can assess its true market value and sell it as is, or refurbish it and then remarket it. What’s more, we know where the buyers are who want the type of equipment you’re reselling. You’ll get a price that is right for you and fair to the buyers so that everyone is happy with the deal.

We understand your unique needs when it comes to leasing equipment and managing returned assets. Let Sonoran Equipment Appraisal work with you to maximize your return on your investment and limit the risk in your portfolio.