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Government Entities

Expert Valuation Services and Surplus Asset Disposal for Government Entities

We understand that state, local and federal government entities are under extreme budget and financial constraints today. With expertise honed from more than a quarter-century of working within the equipment management sector. Sonoran Equipment Appraisal is uniquely qualified to help various government entities turn their outdated and surplus assets into cash. Our vast network of buyers and customers will maximize your ROI on your surplus assets.

Our team of certified equipment appraisers will work closely with your team to establish the maximum resale value for your equipment.

Sonoran Equipment Appraisal is a member of the Minority Business Development Agency. We are a MBE, DBE certified minority-owned business, that is also certified by the NMSDC.

Green Asset Disposal

Government entities needn’t worry that when we “dispose” of their surplus equipment, we DON’T dispose of it. Instead, when possible, we refurbish your assets and resell it to another company. In fact, every time we inspect, evaluate and assess a piece of equipment we are looking at how we can recycle it. It’s usefulness could continue on, serving another owner and remaining out of landfills.

Equipment Valuations We Provide Government Entities

Fair Market Value

An asset’s fair market value is the price the item would receive in the marketplace, so long as the following conditions are met:

1. Both buyers and sellers have reasonable experience and knowledge about the asset, they aren’t under undue pressure to buy or sell and their behavior is in their own best interest.
2. The transaction has a reasonable time period to be completed. In other words, there’s no rush job or overly long sales period.

So long as both of these circumstances are met, an asset’s fair market value will embody an accurate assessment of its value.

Orderly Liquidation Value

An orderly liquidation value (OLV) is an estimate of the gross amount an asset would fetch were it to be sold in an auction-style liquidation process. The seller selling the item in a where-is and/or as-is basis.

The word “orderly” comes into play as it suggests that the asset’s liquidation would allow a reasonable time for a seller to identify a good number of available buyers. The seller also has complete control over the sale of the item.

An orderly liquidation usually takes place over three to six months, with the seller identifying several potential buyers and negotiating the sales price of the asset(s) being liquidated.

Forced Liquidation Value

Also known as FLV, this is the amount of money an asset would receive when it goes to the highest bidder in a quick auction-type of sale. The seller has no control over the process.

An OLV generally results in more money for the seller than an FLV, but neither is as high as a fair market valuation. OLV and FLV valuations generally are assessed if an entity’s assets need to be liquidated to pay debts.

We understand that government entities don’t want to manage surplus and outdated assets. Let Sonoran Equipment Appraisal partner with you and apply our solution-driven methods to generate the highest return possible on your unused equipment.