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Health Care Providers

Helping Healthcare Providers Maximize Capital and Reduce Risk With Medical Equipment Appraisals and More

We know that providing great care to your patients is extremely expensive. We understand that hospitals and health systems must work very hard to keep pace with tough competition, regulatory issues and the constant increase in costs.

A high-wire balancing act if ever there was one!

By looking at your equipment costs, your operating lease contracts, your procurement of new assets, even your dealings with new equipment vendors when upgrading your existing equipment, we will help you cut your equipment costs!

Managing your equipment properly can help you keep costs under control and we can help you throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment, from acquisition to liquidation.

Valuation, Remarketing and Additional Equipment Management Services

Just a few examples of how we can help hospitals and health systems:

● You have operating leases on your equipment and you want to know the current market value of these assets.
● You want to return the asset at the end of your lease and you need it assessed to ensure it is in line with your lease conditions and MFG recommendations.
● You want to replace a current piece of equipment and need help finding the best & affordably priced pre-owned unit.
● You have surplus assets that you want to remove, sell or liquidate

A Quarter-Century Serving Healthcare Providers

Unparalleled Expertise

We have provided the healthcare industry with remarketing and equipment management, as well as assessment/valuation, refurbishment and liquidation services for more than 25 years. Our founder Lez McKenzie, ASA, is a leader in healthcare valuation.

We provide our customers accurate valuation information due to our extensive network of dealers, brokers and end users within the healthcare sector.

We will extract the highest return from your assets, delivering the maximum value on your leased or purchased equipment.

Healthcare Sectors

There’s not a piece of healthcare equipment we cannot value, remarket or liquidate. Listed below are some of the sectors and equipment categories we work with (but are not limited to):

● Hospitals
● Surgery Centers
● Dental
● Ophthalmology
● MRI, CT, Ultrasound (all modalities)
● Laboratory
● Mammography
● Gamma Camera
● Cath Lab
● Nuclear Medicine
● Spectrometers
● IV Pumps
● Linear Accelerator
● Patient Monitors
● Gamma Knife
● Linear Accelerator

If the healthcare equipment you need valued isn’t listed above, contact us. We’re certain we can help you.

Green Asset Disposal Services

We will inspect and assess the remaining value on your surplus equipment. If you decide the value is such that you wish to liquidate, we can:

● Refurbish it and resell it
● Dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner