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Inspection Services

Equipment Inspection Services

Details Matter in Equipment Inspections

When it comes to inspecting your used equipment, we work to determine if there is any impairment to it and, if there is, the extent of its deficiencies. We therefore look at the unit’s service records, inspect it for damage and check it for anything that could cause it not to perform in accordance with manufacturing specifications.

In a nutshell, our inspection services will determine if the equipment can perform at its intended capacity.

Just some of the things we check for and inspect include:

  • Date of manufacture
  • Serial numbers
  • Replacement parts and components
  • Software upgrades and/or replacement
  • The asset’s physical as well as cosmetic condition

Different Ways We Can Value Your Equipment

Field Appraisals

We come to you: No matter if the assets you need appraised are in one place or scattered around the country, we provide inspection services for any or all resources you select at one or all of your facilities.

Desktop Value Analysis

Reduce your risk: Your equipment may be worth more – or less today than it was just last week. The value of your assets are influenced by a number of factors: its market price today, as well as its projected worth next week, next month, next year, and five years in the future.