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Recovery Services

Payment Recovery Services

Recovering Assets When Payments Have Stopped

Most everyone wants to honor their obligations, but sometimes… things happen and a business stops payment on its equipment purchases or leases.

This can have a major impact on their creditors’ bottom line.

We Know That Both Parties Want a Positive Outcome

Sonoran Equipment Appraisal can help facilitate the best resolution between both entities. We keep both the buyer’s/lessor’s and the creditor’s best interests in mind as we work to determine when a payment is forthcoming or recommend a short-term solution to bring payments up to date.

Repossession Services, When Necessary

Payment schedules or other solutions sometimes can’t be worked out and when this is the case, we have a dedicated team of experts who use the latest means available to repossess your equipment while ensuring that it remains in the best condition possible.

Contact us today if you have questions regarding how our recovery services can help you receive payments owed or help you recover equipment.