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Remarketing Services

Liquidate Your Equipment for Top Dollar with Professional Remarketing Services

Remarketing your used, surplus equipment and other large assets maximizes your return on these investments, helping you take advantage of their residual value. Selling this excess and unused equipment is a time-consuming process.

Our remarketing services allow you to focus on the operation of your business while we establish the maximum resale value of your equipment and connect with you motivated buyers willing to pay at your price point.

Turn Your Unused Assets into Working Capital with Our Remarketing Services


Improve your bottom line and get more back from your old or unused assets by letting us refurbish and resell your equipment to our vast network of contacts. Our remarketing services system also creates the urgency in a prospect’s mind, promoting a speedy purchase.

Return Leased Equipment

Save money and avoid incurring end-of-lease fees by allowing us to review your contract to ensure your equipment is in the condition specified in the agreement.

We can also refurbish your leased equipment and restore it to almost like-new condition, if that’s what your contract calls for.

Equipment Disposal

If you have unusable assets, we can dismantle and dispose of them for you, recovering components that could be sold or reused internally or responsibly recycling those parts that can’t be salvaged.

Residual Forecasting

We can take a careful assessment of your equipment and forecast its residual value, discovering its value for a number of scenarios:

  1. Present value of the after-tax cash flow expected to be earned after the forecast period.
  2. Fair market value of a leased asset at the end of the lease term.
  3. Estimate the scrap value of an asset at the end of its economic or useful life.
  4. Value of a firm at the point where its owners will earn the required rate of return.

We Haven’t Forgotten the Buyers

Many of our clients are looking to purchase refurbished and remarketed equipment. We can work with you to determine any budget restraints, help you with applications and create an implementation timeline.

We will establish the total cost of your purchase (including refurbishment, relocation and installation costs) and we can help you move the equipment to your operation and integrate it into your business.

Our Remarketing Services Adds to Your Bottom Line

Our remarketing, refurbishing and liquidating services can inspect and assess the value or your equipment for remarketing so that you gain revenue back from its resale. We can also refurbish it for end-of-lease return so that you avoid costly errors.

The final result? You make or save money, turning assets you no longer need into working capital!