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Valuation Services

Accurate and Independent Equipment Value Services

No matter where your equipment may be in its lifecycle, we understand how valuable these assets are to you.

Whether you need to assess how much you should really pay for a new piece of equipment, or if you need to find the true value of older assets for financial reporting, business planning or liquidation, our market and equipment insights can help safeguard your equipment’s worth and protect your bottom line.

Our appraisals meet the highest industry standards and each valuation is supervised by an accredited member of the American Society of Appraisers.

Independent Valuation Services: We Have No Secret Agendas

Many valuation services companies tend to work with just one type of business sector needing resources assessed. For example, they will work only with businesses looking for the true value of their unused equipment. But Sonoran Equipment Appraisal answers to no one: we offer independent valuation services for businesses as well as financial institutions and investors, helping each of these segments know an asset’s true value in the marketplace.

  • Lessors/Lenders: With every appraisal, we give consideration to financing products, lessor’s risks, exit scenarios, and other factors that can impact the value of a purchased or leased asset.
  • Businesses: Our valuation services provide support for a wide range of challenges and opportunities businesses face, including loan restructuring, business valuation and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Investors: We provide unbiased and accurate value assessments, inventory analysis of personal property and in-depth reports regarding supporting our valuation of the assets in question.

Market Approach

What is the remarketing value of your asset? In other words, if you were to resell your equipment today, what would be its fair market value? Our team of appraisers will provide you with an accurate, up-to-the-minute assessment regarding the value of your equipment.

The market approach compares the asset being appraised directly to similar pieces of equipment sold in a similar market.

Income Approach

Just as this name of this approach implies, the income approach to valuation looks at the present cash flow that a piece of equipment could be expected to generate over its lifespan, looking at what the property will generate in business income, as well expenses over a set amount of time. This approach is best for determining an item’s business enterprise value.

In other words, if you are selling or leasing a piece of equipment to a business, the income approach allows you to determine how much income the asset will earn and what kind of expenses you can expect to spend throughout the years of its use or term of the lease.

Cost Approach

The cost approach to equipment valuation follows the concept of the cost of replacing, reproducing or substituting as an indicator of the asset’s value. A smart investor shouldn’t pay more for a piece of older equipment than what he would pay for a new piece of equipment, so the cost approach adjusts the asset’s value by taking into account the item’s physical deterioration as well as its economic or functional obsolescence.

While we can’t guarantee an exact valuation without seeing and inspecting the equipment, if you prefer a telephone assessment, our quarter-century of valuation experience allows us to listen to you describe your asset’s age, condition, etc. and then let you know its approximate value in the marketplace.

All of our valuations come with detailed reports, showing you how we came to our conclusions and supporting our final valuations.

Sonoran Equipment Appraisal is an MBE, DBE certified minority-owned business. We are a member of the Minority Business Development Agency and certified by the NMSDC.